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7 Unique Wedding In The World

Marriage can be a beautiful and blissful moments that marked the union of two beings. unique, the wedding procession is often carried out with a variety of unique and weird ways. Want to know what the world's most unique wedding procession, see below.

1. Married In Racing Circuit

On Valentine's Day couples Bryan Willey and Stacee Kennedy married at the Daytona International Speedway circuit, USA. Thousands Daytona fans, friends and relatives watched their wedding. They ring even a NASCAR tattoo form. It is available in the wedding package which includes 2 circuit race, a bottle of champagne, a notary and a room overlooking the famous track circuit.

2. Married With 99,999 Red Rose Decoration

The groom, Xiao Wang, spent a year salary to buy 99,999 red roses for his wife, Xiao Liu, who made their wedding decorations in Chongqing, China. Number 999 is considered a carrier of lucy. Couple need 30 cars to carry the entire red roses, they are even looking for a car to bring roses on the internet. Wang made the red roses as a surprise gift for Liu "I remembered that Liu loved red roses. Idea to make it a surprise was sprung. It all paid off when he saw the expression on his face," Wang said, as quoted from

3. Married In Morgue


Michelle Thomas decided to get married to her fiance who was killed and his body was stored in a hospital morgue. The dead man was Kevin Lavelle, 29 years. He died because he was beaten with an iron rod in a horrific gang attack while working away from home, in order to collect money for his marriage to Michelle. The wedding ceremony was still held in the morgue Oxford John Radcliffe Hospital. Relatives and family present, including their children James and Megan.

4. Married In Shopping Center


Lisa Satayut, the bride decided to get married at a shopping center TJ Maxx. He said TJ Maxx is where happiness. Lisa married Drew Ellis in the size 8 shoe aisle sales. The bride who calls himself "Maxxinista" wore a strapless white chiffon gown with long black gloves and gladiator style sandals color hijau. a wide hallway decorated vines, complete with a red ribbon seat. They were married in the hall is transformed into the beautiful and watched by curious buyers.

5. Married In Shark Tank


April Pignataro and Michael Curry of New York were married in June 2010 in a place that was pretty awful, the shark tank. The bride wore a white dress and the groom's dive wearing a black diving suit. They go into the shark tank to take marriage vows at Atlantis Marine World, Riverhead, New York. They wore scuba gear and microphones in order to hear what was said to each other, as well as friends and family

6. Married While Cycling


Couple from Russia who really like cycling decide to get married in a healthy way. They get around the city by bicycle accompanied by the invitation which was also cycling.

7. Marriage Bungee Jump


Sandra Eens  and Jeroen Kippers couple married in bungee jump at the pole. 164 feet high in the air. The event was attended by 22 friends and family gathered on the springboard. Guests who attended dressed in a tuxedo and dress safely bound in a chair mounted on a board. Slowly, the board then hoisted to a height of 164 feet. After exchanging rings, Sandra and Jeroen were jumping together

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