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7 Unique Religions in the World

1. Jediism - the Jedi religion
george lucas realizes what he started. With his movie star wars, he formed a religious movement inspired by the generation of wave motion fake light saber, the soldiers wearing nerds nylon robes.
Adherents, or "real world" believe jedis force really exists.
According to the mythology of star wars, force is the energy that holds the universe together and flows through every material (clearly borrows some concepts from Eastern religions).
Jedis are monk / warrior is able to control and use of force, and are bound by a code of morality and justice.
So you can see every mathlete begged to use the sword of light to pierce the forehead criminals.
Jediism called as a blend of Taoism and Buddhism that also incorporates elements of medieval knights. Although no formal doctrine of main, this is referred to as "Jedi Code".
Although I have not been confirmed, there were rumors that the elder Jedi force anyone who wants to join to sit in a dark room and watch the original trilogy 16 times in a row.

2. The Church of Ed Wood
Ed Wood is a famous person in Hollywood, as one of the worst director of all time.
Since his death he gained cult status, and the exploitation period of his life that was taken by Johnny Depp in the film Ed Wood 1994 (directed by Tim Burton).
Ed Wood's most famous image is plan 9 from outer space, which is actually the last film Bela Lugosi.
So the church label ed wood (or "woodism") itself is a religion of pop-culture that expects to bring spirituality to people who do not find it in mainstream religion. A "religion punk-libertarian" if you want. They looked at as a savior ed wood (please note the church, not a savior who meant it.)
including upholding the moral principles and ideals of edward d.Wood and preached the word ed total understanding and acceptance, regardless of what modern society says.
Wood is also a "transvestite (sissy)" in America in the 1950s ... probably not a fun time to have a sexual identity crisis at that time.
The church claims more than 3000 "woodites" centers around the world.

3. Aetherius Soc
What do you do if you get stuck as a taxi driver, but also has a passion for Yoga? The answer is obvious ... you make your own religion.
On a calm day with no congestion in 1954, George King was sitting alone in his apartment in London when suddenly, out Alf, ("Aetherius") shouted:
"Prepare yourself! You will be the voice of interplanetary representative. "
So he just had it.
King started Aetherius Society is hoping to combine the foreign policy of "Cosmic Master" and Yoga into something useful that will bring balance to humanity.
They believe in Jesus, Buddha and Krishna are actually aliens and one of them is the claim that aliens warned them four hours before the Chernobyl disaster.
They claim memili adherents around 650 people.

4. Raelism
Not to be outdone by the Englishman, a Frenchman (race car driver Claude Vorilhons) has said that he was also contacted by a stranger and the link between human-alien. Alien dubbed Rael (hence "Raelism").
Rael (aka Claude) claims alien Elohim took him to the planet where, in addition to associating with foreigners themselves, he got a chance to meet Jesus, Buddha, Joseph Smith and Confucius.
Alien told Rael three important things to remember:
1. That man was created in foreign laboratories of foreign DNA 25,000 years ago.2. Alien will stop in Jerusalem in 20253. That Rael have to relay the message of peace and "mediation sensual" humanitarianThey claim to have about 30,000 followers.

5. Happy Science Religion

You decide to engage in law ... does not work. You try in finance ... to no avail. You take some classes at your community college, evoking a hidden part of your awareness of the dimensions of the spirit world and poof 9 ... next logical step is obvious ... you start your own religion (a recurring theme here).
That story Ryuho Okawa Happy Science and religion. And yes, religion is "big in Japan."
Okawa believes its mission is to bring happiness to all mankind.He also believed that he became the highest spiritual incarnation into El Cantare (not to be confused with Marc Anthony film in 2007 / JLo El Cantante).
He had a hit movie, he's got the best-selling books (some of which he says is channeled through him with the spirit of Muhammad, Buddha, Jesus and Confucius). Funny how all these people apparently good friends with the great religious figures.
It's never the people from down the block who told me to help mankind ... no, it's always Jesus said to me ... and told me that the Buddha and Confucius ... whisper.
Other claims, including his prophecy that the angel Gabriel will appear in Bangkok (random) in 50 years, and that the aliens will begin to visit us within 300-400 years.
Okawa also entered the political scene in Japan and even started his own party, "Realization Happy Party" although so far Japan has had sedikitsekali bum. They want to double Japan's population to 300 million for several reasons, and also released a promo video that claims that North Korea plans to invade and colonize Japan.
6. Pana Wave
I am sure we all at some point we are concerned that cell phones can fry our brains. Of course, someone just thought of something a little too far.
Meet Yuko Chino. He began to Pana Wave as a religion that includes a bit of Buddhism, Christianity and pinch pinch of New-Age. One reason is that pets will increase awareness of the dangers of electromagnetic waves, which is where he claimed he was the cause of climate change and other environmental damage.
This is where they take things too far. They decided that the whole phenomenon is actually a communist plot to bombard them with the EM wave as a way to kill their leader Chino.
So they dress up in white clothes (in addition to style, they seem to offer protection against EM waves), wearing white masks, driving a white van, and roam the countryside looking for special places contaminated by waves berbahaya.Beberapa PR gaffes crazy trying to kidnap the famous seal (equivalent to trying to steal Panda Ling Ling) to prevent Armageddon, claiming the 10th planet will cause the Earth to reverse the poles, and some other doomsday claims are never proven.
They still continue their mission to the wave, and it looks amazing when they do.
7. Prince Philip Movement
You might think that a man known as Britain's longest-old consort (to Queen Elizabeth) will have little value to society. Our man Philip god in the South Pacific.
Yaohnanen Vanuatu tribe believed that Prince Philip is a god, pale-skinned children who have the spirit of the mountain that sea journeys to distant places, married a strong woman, and one day return to their land.
Prince Philip Movement is a kind of "cargo cult" that is found in the South Pacific, where interest is focused on obtaining the material wealth of the industrialized countries. They see these advanced materials have been created by the spirits or ancestors for them, but unjust usurped by other nations.
Most of the cargo cult started in (or after) World War II when a large amount of goods supplied by the military through the region.When the war ended and closed bases, the delivery end. So what do enterprising natives? They created a fake airport and fake radio made of coconut hoping to come next delivery by imitating what they see.
So when the royal couple's official visit to Vanuatu in 1974 (bearing gifts no less), the legend of Prince Philip grew deeper.

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