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5 Most Romantic City in the World

The poets often inspired by romantic places, and the earth has millions of places like that. Some cities have a charm and romanticism in terms of the inevitable. Whether it's Valentine, honeymoon, or other moments in life, some of these cities can bring your romance level up a few levels.

He's 5 Most Romantic City in the World

1. Copenhagen, Denmark


Exclusive romantic. Dim light of the street lamps along Copenhagen will bring you and your partner into a serene atmosphere. Castles such as Amalienborg Palace or Ronsenborg Castle and King's Garden, are two places that you must visit. In the courtyard of the castle, you probably will not notice when it started holding hands and kissing under a shady tree.

The air in the city is quite biting, especially in winter. Warm yourself and your partner by visiting the Thorvaldsen Museum, where a statue of Cupid and Psyche is famous. After that, a romantic dinner would be a lovely Valentine's Day dessert. Some restaurants in Copenhagen presents a panoramic view of the city skyline eyes.

2. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is not just synonymous with the Latin cities. Weather was quite warm and very slick city streets. In some city street, you can watch locals demonstrate the sensual dance Tango. Not only about dance, Buenos Aires also offers several restaurants with the best fusion cuisine in the world.

Invite your friends to visit Rose Garden in Palermo, and Pose under the archway made of roses. Bridge in this place is the right location to express love, or asking questions like "Would you marry me?"

3. Marrakech, Morocco

If you are immediately reminded of the hustle and bustle of Marrakech, throw away your mind. The city can be a great vacation destination if you are staying at the Riad. Riad is a traditional Moroccan house styled beautiful, with flowers in the front yard or side. Some Riad has been converted into a small hotel and pretty.

When it was getting dark, Put out into Jemaa el Fna for an unforgettable dinner experience. Probably far from romantic, but try tasting Moroccan cuisine in the most famous night market in the world. You can also ask local musicians to sing in front of the couple, presenting songs of love when late at night.

4. Salzburg, Austria

The most appropriate place for a sweet kiss was in the Rose Garden Mirabell Palace. Palace built in the 17th century has a large garden, ideal for a leisurely stroll in the afternoon. Although, you will be hard to find a quiet place because of the many couples who spent Valentine's Day here.

But, you can absorb the hometown of Mozart's famous artists in various ways. One is to hire a horse-drawn carriage around to see the graceful Mount Monchsberg, Stieglkeller Beer Garden, as well as panoramic views from the bridge Makartsteg.

5. Budapest, Hungary

Hungarian capital is like a jewel in Continental Europe. You and your partner can go around Buda Castle, or visit the thermal baths at the Szechenyi and pretty. Invite your friends to visit Margaret Island, where you can bike around the lovely gardens and medieval ruins.

In the evening, the River Danube reflect light from the dim lights along the streets. Walk down the side of the Danube while hugging a choice to spend your evening.

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