Sabtu, 25 Mei 2013

10 most unique cars in the World

Cars are sometimes made not only as an ordinary means of transportation but also as a vehicle that is not unusual either function mapun technology. This strange cars in addition to economical and environmentally friendly concept, also used for extreme usability-usability as for off-road conditions or just to find just the sensation that the world record in the list.

1.Mobil lowest Powerful Jet In The World

This crazy flat car will be entered the Guinness Book as the best vehicle aka flat flat world. How flat? This car is only 19 inches tall. Edannya, the creator Perry Watkins jet turbine engines installed in the ass car. Whether the car is legal or not worn on the streets. 

2.Colim: Caravans are Copotable
The vehicle is designed by Christian Susana is the result of crossbreeding a car and caravan for camping. The front can be stripped-off, if it were not for camping, dam into a passenger car with two seats. Perhaps the strange appearance, but its flexibility is outstanding.

3.World's Longest Limusin 
This limo total length of 30 meters. Got 26 tires, lots of room for passengers, heated Jacuzzi, sun bathing deck, a few beds and a helipad ...!

5.Peel 50: World's Smallest Car 
This three-wheeled car memcahkan record as the world's smallest car to be produced and ready to weave in a traffic jam on the streets of Britain.


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