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10 Weird Psychology Studies

1. Walking Faster

From 1994, today, we run 10% faster. It is unclear why this is so important, thus making Richard Wiseman compared the results of research on human walking pace since 1994.People from 35 cities included in the study. We know that today we are living much faster than before and the results prove it, that person runs the fastest in the business capital of Singapore. How wide is actually the capital of Singapore?

2. Semen For Depression Drug

The researchers did not ever announce what motivates them to do this study, but they both are men and we can guess it. They were inspired by a study from 1986 which states that the prostaglandins, a component contained in semen, may actually be useful in treating depression. However, their research ended with questions from the answers and now they intend to go further with it.

3. Relationship between Empathy and Faces

According to this study, people who often showed empathy for one another, could develop into a similarity or family resemblance to each other from time to time. Robert Zajonc and his colleagues proved that married couples have a resemblance to each other as they age. A possible reason is diet, environment, trends and empathy. The authors believe that empathy is the reason that make their faces look more similar.

4. Staring strength
The power of suggestion is very popular nowadays. Maybe this theory is correct. Groups of scientists have proved that if you hold the bag in hand, staring at someone, if the bag is falling, the people you face are the first person who will help you. However, they will not feel your power of suggestion. Maybe look it would only make them think that you are crazy and need help again.

5. Speaking of dogs as a solution Stiffness

Psychologist Hart and Boltz in 1993 found that people who keep dogs have the ability to talk more with others than the average person (who does not keep a dog). The problem is: The dog. Ok, so, if they were gathered together, the owners of the car for example, will talk more about cars, football players will talk more about football. Then, why they chose a dog owner? - Still a mystery!

6. Eating Dogs

Still about dog psychology that studies the relationship between humans and dogs. This study proves that depending on the socio-economic status and culture if someone decides to take their own perliharaan dog when the dog was dead. You will be surprised to know that the average American citizen is that they are more likely to taste the delicious side dish made from their pets. Sorry for all Americans and Brazil, while China - you know-lah - not included in this study.

7. Researching Your Own Disease Stroke suffered

Although the research subjects are not weird, but people are studying stroke in his brain and deserves a place in the list of bizarre psychological research. Alan Hobson, a researcher about the occult, occult sleep and dream is having a stroke at the base of his brain in 2001 and decided to document the details about what he felt. This study becomes more bizarre when you know that the subject of Alan Hobson before the stroke is not a man but ... The cat.

8. Diabetes trial
The study was motivated by the many strange discussions about ethics in the study of psychology. In 1976, Middlemist, Knowles & It examines how the velocity and stream urine of men who urinate in public toilets is affected by the invasion of personal space. Very mysterious what makes them want to know about it, but they completed the study and obtain the results:People choose not pee standing next to another person's urine, and the people who piss standing near another person's urine, the longer time they take to start urinating and the shorter their urine stream.

9. Experiments tickled by Subject Child Alone

We know that if someone is picking your feet or the area under your armpit then spontaneously you will feel tingling. But Professor Clarence Leuba tickled to know whether the reaction is an innate response or not. This research became curious when he decided to use his own children as experimental subjects. He tickled and track their reactions every day. Unfortunately, one day he forgot all experimental protocols and that too was destroyed. However, he finally managed to arrive at a conclusion that the reaction to tickle it is an innate response.

10. Pigeon Project
 This study not only bizarre, but also stupid. Hard to believe that someone has decided to do something like this. BF Skinner, an animal trainer had a good idea how to guide the missiles may miss the target. The idea of ​​genius is to install a device that is able to see clearly, which will guide the missile. And the options are pigeons, doves he believes in the ability to move the muzzle of the loss of the target missile

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