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Creatures Mythology in Hindu belief

Barong is a character in Balinese mythology. He is the king of the spirits and symbolizes goodness. He is an enemy of Rangda in the Balinese mythology. Banas Pati Rajah is the spirit that accompany a child in his life. Banas Pati Rajah is believed to be the spirit that drives the Barong. As a protective spirit, Barong is often shown as a lion. Traditional dances in Bali which describes the battle between the Barong and Rangda are very famous and often shown as a tourist attraction. Barong lion is one of five forms of Barong.
Jatayu is the protagonist of the Hindu epic Ramayana, the son of Aruna and nephew of the Garuda. He is the brother Sempati. He is a bird who sees how the Goddess Sita was abducted by Ravana. He tried to fight but lost the fight and eventually die. But when it was not dead and still dying still be reported to the Sri Rama that kidnapped his wife Sita Dewi.
In Hindu mythology, Airawata is the name of a white elephant, the god Indra rides.Airawata is the son of Irawati, one of the daughters of Daksha. In Hindu mythology, often portrayed that Airawata ridden by Indra who carried weapons Bajra, while eradicate the evil creatures. According to Hindu mythology, Airawata is one of the elephant keepers of the universe. He is regarded as the leader of the elephants.
Asuras in Hindu religion is the nation Daitya, sometimes equated with a rakshasa or evil creatures. They have a negative nature, which is hostile to the gods. Nevertheless, some Asuras are Gods.
In Sanskrit, the word Detya literally means "descendants of Diti." In Hindu mythology, is a kind of evil beings Detya giant countrymen, descendants of Diti and Kasyapa Bhagawan.The Detya often clashed with Aditya, or the gods, though they are his half-brother. Detya famous is Hiranyaksa, Hiranyakashipu, and Mahabali. Sometimes, they are also called Asuras.
Kinnaras is a heavenly creature half-bird half-human tangible. They are good at playing musical instruments, like the Vina or lute. Kinnaras woman called Kinnaris. Kinnaris intangible beautiful woman from head to waist, but the body shape goose down. They are good at poetry, playing musical instruments, and dancing.
Makara in Hindu mythology, is a tangible creature elephant-headed fish, as is often depicted and inscribed in the temples in Indonesia, especially in Bali and Java. The Balinese call it gajahmina, which literally means "elephant fish". Sometimes described as being intangible Makara goat and half fish half as Kaprikornus symbol in the zodiac.
Karura is a large creature that has breath hot and is part of the Hindu-Buddhist Japanese mythology. This creature has a human body and the head of an eagle. These creatures are brought to Japan with the spread of Buddhism. Karura name is also a Japanese pelafazan from the Sanskrit word garuda. But it seems the Japanese form is taken from the Pali language garula.
Buto Ijo
Buto Ijo genie is a creature like the green and a big man with sharp fangs. He loved to kidnap children and toddlers to become casualties of a toy or a slave that must be massaged her Buto Ijo, or later be eaten after bored kids toys. supposedly to ward off the coming of Buto Ijo use made of yellow bamboo sperti necklace.
Antaboga is a giant serpent in the mythology of Bali. He was told at the beginning of mythology, the creation of the world. At one point Antaboga meditate and then became a turtle named Bedawang. In Javanese wayang, Antaboga is a king snake living on the earth who care for Wisanggeni. Its realization is a dragon with a crown put on badhong haired and wearing clothes and wearing a gold necklace.
Basuki is a giant serpent in the mythology of Bali. This snake lives in the underworld, and is the pet gods and goddesses Setesuyara Batara Kala. Batara Gura is a character in Balinese mythology. He was a sea god who fill in with soil to create the islands and mainland. With his efforts, he actually makes the Dragon Padoha angry. This is a giant snake who prefer water. Finally there arose a war between the two, which was won by Batara Gura.
Batara Kala
In the Hindu religion, Kala is the son of Lord Shiva who holds power as god of time. Dewa Kala often symbolized as a rakshasa who faced creepy, almost like a god. In Hindu philosophy, Kala is a symbol that anyone can not be against the law of karma. When it was time someone leaves the mortal world, then at the same time Kala will come get him.
Bedawang or Bedawang Nala is a giant turtle in Balinese mythology who brought the whole world on his back. In the creation mythology of the world, it represents a change from Antaboga. He along with two dragons support the human world. If he moves, it will be there earthquakes and volcanic eruptions on earth.
Calon Arang
Charcoal is told that the candidate is a widow, the ruler of black magic that often destroy the crops of farmers and cause illness. He has a daughter named Ratna Manggali, which, though beautiful, can not get a husband because people are scared of his mother.Because of the difficulties faced by his daughter, Candidate Charcoal angry and he intends to take revenge by kidnapping a young girl. The girl he brought to a temple to be sacrificed to Goddess Durga. The next day, heavy floods hit the village and many people died. Disease appeared.
Kala Rau
Kala Rau is a demon in Balinese mythology. Satan is only formed from a head without a body. At one point he wanted to drink water from Tirta Amertha, although in fact this water is only for deities. Ruth goddess who knows it notified the god Vishnu, who then threw the disks and behead the demon. But at that time also the head of it up in the neck has touched Tirta Amertha, so it can live forever. The head was then about to take revenge on the goddess Ruth and pursue it in heaven. Sometimes Ruth was caught and goddesses according to this myth there was a lunar eclipse.
Setesuyara is a goddess in the mythology of Bali. He is said to live underground and take over the world along with Batara Kala.
Dewi Sri
Dewi Dewi Sri or Shri (Java language), Nyai Pohaci Sanghyang Asri (Sundanese), was the goddess of agriculture, the goddess of rice and paddy fields, as well as the goddess of fertility on the island of Java and Bali. Breeding and veneration to it going on since the pre-Hindu and pre-Islam in Java.
In Hindu mythology, Takshaka is one of the dragon, the son of Goddess Kadru and Kashyapa. He lived in Nagaloka with his brothers the other, the Basuki, Antaboga, and others. In the Mahabharata, the Dragon is the dragon that killed Takshaka King Parikshit.Takshaka dragon also appears in the mythology of Bali, should the influence of Hindu mythology from India. Balinese mythology, Takshaka is a snake that lives in Khayangan.Hindus trust

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